Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Messy Truth...........

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The messy truth is- this is where I sew, create, design and spend most of my life. It's not neat, organized ( well , a little) or all that efficient, yet I spend most of my time here and somehow manage to create. I can't help thinking I would create even more if I had a better system.
My studio is an extra bedroom on the second floor of my home. The good news is its only seen by invited guests and those who are coming to spend the night, otherwise the second floor is seldom visited.
The room is very small and what I haven't shown you are the boxes, tubs, baskets, etc. full of fabric and the cutting table, other machines, books, and miscellany that fill the space.
I know there are those of you out there who create beautiful things in better organized, better looking spaces. I would love for you to share your creative space with the readers, whether its a closet, a basement space, a shed, a loft, or a gorgeous area you built just for your work. I think we can all learn from the ideas of others and as artists we have really good ideas.
So, over time I hope to share the work space, and work of other artists, esty sellers, indie crafters, etc. and in so doing learn a little or a lot about the process of making and the places we make it.

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