Thursday, June 18, 2009

The drying rack......

So here's the fiber lace on the drying rack. I must say of all the colors I make, this one shows the worst . The colors are taupe, aqua, green, beige. and it's really more neutral than dull. But the color does not photograph well.
You can only dry this on a rack, the dryer will shrink several of the fibers, but not all and you a a real sizing problem then.Posted by Picasa

The finished product in the gallery

Posted by PicasaSo here's the finished product in the gallery.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Trying to make it work........

This is the skirt I'm trying to match so that I can deliver a large order to a gallery on Tuesday. In order to make their display large I'm trying to pair skirts with all of my fiber lace jackets and vests. In this case picture 2 shows you all of the hand dyed fibers, water soluble stabilizer, pattern, Sharpy, scissors, and spray bottle. All of the fibers are laid down on the paper so that I can move it to dry, then covered with fibers and stabilizer and sprayed. They need to dry about 3 hours. If not dry, the whole thing will stick together.

This is what the fibers look like when they have been encased and spritzed before sewing. Tomorrow I will show you the sewn fibers and the finished project.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This is what I'm working on now......

My good friend Maryann is hosting her daughters wedding and since the dress was a long one and was cut off to make a more daytime, outdoorsy, cocktail length, fabric was left over and she said "Make me a purse." The dress is layers of pleated silk, that great look that is so popular this year. So, using the pleated sections one at a time I gathered and embellished them into this cute art to wear purse with just a little color accent (the colors are orange, tangerine and a hint of green).

The centers of each of the flowers are made using the yo-yo method, but I never like perfect circles, especially in flowers, so they're a little off kilter. Beads and glitzy fibers were added to give some dressy sparkle. The purse for covering was provided by Maryann. It was an old off white small purse.

I hope she likes it - It was fun making it.