Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This is what I'm working on now......

My good friend Maryann is hosting her daughters wedding and since the dress was a long one and was cut off to make a more daytime, outdoorsy, cocktail length, fabric was left over and she said "Make me a purse." The dress is layers of pleated silk, that great look that is so popular this year. So, using the pleated sections one at a time I gathered and embellished them into this cute art to wear purse with just a little color accent (the colors are orange, tangerine and a hint of green).

The centers of each of the flowers are made using the yo-yo method, but I never like perfect circles, especially in flowers, so they're a little off kilter. Beads and glitzy fibers were added to give some dressy sparkle. The purse for covering was provided by Maryann. It was an old off white small purse.

I hope she likes it - It was fun making it.

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