Friday, June 5, 2009

Trying to make it work........

This is the skirt I'm trying to match so that I can deliver a large order to a gallery on Tuesday. In order to make their display large I'm trying to pair skirts with all of my fiber lace jackets and vests. In this case picture 2 shows you all of the hand dyed fibers, water soluble stabilizer, pattern, Sharpy, scissors, and spray bottle. All of the fibers are laid down on the paper so that I can move it to dry, then covered with fibers and stabilizer and sprayed. They need to dry about 3 hours. If not dry, the whole thing will stick together.

This is what the fibers look like when they have been encased and spritzed before sewing. Tomorrow I will show you the sewn fibers and the finished project.Posted by Picasa

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