Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Great ideas for painted floors....

I need to repaint my kitchen floor. I live in a farm house and I love the painted floor, but between the dog and the years, it is wearing away. I'm considering these as influences for how to repaint my floor. The one above is just a little too bland. What I have now is very colorful.

This floor would look great in my entryway. You need to know, I've painted over many kinds of surfaces over the years. Painted wood, linoleum, etc. Paint , if prepared properly, holds up really well. The kitchen floor of mine wore away mostly from dog scratches when she ran to the front of the house to the front door everytime she heard a sound.

I love this in this location, a retail store, but I think it could make me dizzy or misdirect me first thing in the morning.

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