Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year Dreaming.........

The new year always brings a desire to organize, redo, spruce up, paint, loose weight, become a better person, change everything you dislike about's exhausting. But I do like to look at pictures of perfect organization and great organizing ideas.

A little bit of spring in this picture......could use some plants around the house.

This idea could use some paint for a more finished look, but I do think it's a clever use of crates.

Love the display in this cubby...

Bet I could figure out what to get at the grocery store if my pantry looked like this.

Things are more chilly than normal here in temperate Virginia this year. First we had 20 inches of snow, then it didn't melt as it usually does, and now it's been frigid for below 20 degrees. Homes and life here were not intended to be this cold. Feels and looks a lot like my old home town of Chicago. Thus I wish I were here...........

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