Monday, January 25, 2010

Wait....I'm about to get back to FIBER....

Before we get to the fiber thing....isn't this cool, sculptural, great for a collection, fiber intensive?
Love it and the possibilities is provides.

Still talking about the chalk board, black board door. I meant to add this picture the last time I mentioned it. What a great idea. Must Do.

Now - for the fiber. This is a Valentine Scarf I gelatin monoprinted for The NEST. It will sell for $28.50 on our web site and on etsy. We are adding a shopping section to our website along with a connection to etsy. We will be featuring gelatin monoprinting kits, complete with scarves, paint, brushes, gelatin, directions and great ideas of what to do. We've also made hand painted tea towels and painting smocks to name a few of the other things. Interested or intrigued? You can see the beginnings of our shopping section at
You might also be interested in the workshops we're conducting in Charlottesville, Va. in March. If you love fiber, you'll love this.

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