Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wall textures

Although this is a bit of overkill, I love the way all of these African baskets look on the wall. It shows how great a collection can be as a design element.

I don't know if this is fabric or wallpaper, but the inset, molded placement is really good. I also love the slipcover on the couch, and my very favorites are the pom-poms on the pillows.

I think these are vinyl stick-ons, but for a dress shop, what a great wall.

These are vinyl stick-ons also. I love the use of the small wall as a divider and the way the trees are framed and inset within the space.

I think this is fabric with either crewel embroidery or trapunto on it. Great texture; doesn't take up a lot of visual space, but dresses up the room.

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