Thursday, September 15, 2011

Workshop at the Grainery

I'm going to be teaching a workshop at The Grainery in Rocky Mount on Wednesday the 19th of October from 1-3 pm.  You can register for the Tie Transfer Workshop
by clicking here 

Tie transfer is an eco-friendly, re-purposing, technique of transferring the color as well as the design details of silk ties and scarves onto fabric or paper.  It's a little like magic in that it's always a surprise when you open up your finished scarf (that's what we'll be making that day).  The technique has been featured in the two publications listed below and I'll tell you the story of how I developed this technique the day of the class.

Pictured below are to samples of the scarf detail.

Bring a few (4-6)  silk ties if you have them  and a pair of scissors.  We will be cutting the ties up and submerging them in a water bath.

This is a wonderful way to remember someone by transferring their ties onto a scarf.  It is also a beautiful way to make some fabric or paper for your own artistic uses.

Join me that day and we'll discover the possibilities with tie transfer.

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