Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fabric From Nature......

                  Eco Printing Workshop, 
                       Hammersmith Farm, Glade Hill, Va.        
                                      October 8  

 Eco dyeing is the process of using only plants to imprint onto fabric thru a boiling bath process.  Not all plants work, but those with high acidity work beautifully.  Print transfer allows you to capture the exact or similar shape and color of a leaf, especially fall leaves, onto silk, linen, or cotton.

On October 8 Christine Arena, the owner of the 440 acre Hammersmith farm in Glade HIll and I are hosting an eco
dyeing workshop.  We will be utilizing the very old forest and all of the plants available for our palette.  After a brief walk to the remodeled tobacco barn on the property we will use our acquired plants to make a beautiful silk scarf and a sample fabric of linen and cotton.  While that is boiling away at the Tobacco barn, we will be transported back to the farm house for a delicious luncheon prepared by Cheryl Nylund.  After lunch it's back to dying with more leaf transfer  of another kind and preparing rusted object dying ( this technique takes a few days, so you will take it home with you to process).  This whole eco process is a bit like beautiful magic.

Cost for the day is $85.00 which includes all materials, fabrics, supplies, a delicious lunch  and a great time in a great place.  Call 540-204-6827 to register .  Mastercard, Visa,  Checks or cash.

      Dogwood Leaves on Linen 

Rose leaves and Eucalyptus on silk           

Below is the flyer for the event - It's really going to be fun.  Call me to sign up - I already have 4 people signed up, so don't wait, we have a space limit.  Hope to see you there.



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