Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Magic Story Boxes

My granddaughter Sophia is the greatest, but she gets too many toys for Christmas and Birthdays.  This is what I made her this year for Christmas.  The idea is she uses the decorated and filled match  boxes to tell her own stories.

This the case I made to keep them in.  The match boxes are not that sturdy and she's 3.

This is the inside of the case with the 4 completed boxes.  The left side of the case is a letter from me explaining how she should make up her own stories.  On the right side are 2 blank undone match boxes for she and her dad to make their own story boxes.

This is the fish tank story box with a fabric fish for her to name,

The dinosaur box with a fabric "Sophia-saurus".  The background on the back of the inside box is painted on watercolor paper, the outside of the box is covered in fabric with puffy paint and paper designs glued on.

Here are the doggy story box and the dolly match box.